25/07/2019 How to create a wedding budget

Figuring out a wedding budget is anything but easy. According to Bridebook.co.uk, the average wedding in the UK costs more than £30,000 and more than 33 per cent of brides and grooms overspend the most on food and drink. Read more crazy wedding stats from the Independent here.)

The way to approach your wedding budget is to total up you and your fiancé’s savings, the maximum you can continue to save monthly and any contributions from loved ones. One thing you shouldn’t do is use any ‘rainy day’ funds, as you never know what could happen during the planning process.

Your wedding spreadsheet will be one of the most important admin tasks you have. Our example spreadsheet has sections to note all of the costs you could incur, estimated costs, the actual price and difference between both, supplier details and payment dates.

Top tip: We suggest using Google Sheets as it can be shared with people and accessed offline and on your phone, which is crucial to keeping on top of it.

This might seem daunting, especially if you’re not an organised person by nature, but you will thank yourself when you have the perfect wedding day, within budget!


1. Look into second-hand decorations

You know what they say, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Once your wedding day has passed, you will be left with a number of items with no real use, which is where websites like Ebay, Sell My Wedding or Preloved come in. From dresses to centrepieces to jewellery, browse what other people are offering and bag yourself a bargain.

2. Be DIY Savvy

Sometimes, making something yourself can be more hassle than it’s worth, but if you have a creative streak, why not design your own table plan or make your own centrepieces? Pinterest is the perfect place for all DIY inspiration!

3. Find a good vendor

It’s easy to get carried away with booking vendors, but the best way to get a good deal is to buy or hire multiple items from the same business. Not only does this make the admin easier, but a lot of companies will offer discounts on multiple items, or might be open to a reduction if you’re spending a lot with them.

4. Say no to upgrades

As consumers, we get swept up in upgrade packages and the price seems amazing for the offer, but this is one area where you must be strict. If you were happy to buy the basic package anyway, it’s likely you won’t need the upgrade.


The wedding industry is worth millions, so it’s easy to be ripped off. Dedicate an afternoon to getting multiple quotes for venues, food, transport, invitations and wedding favours. Knowing the rough prices of things will help you gauge an ‘estimated’ cost for your spreadsheet, but also open your eyes to the staggering price difference between some suppliers.

6.Attend wedding fairs

Not only are wedding fairs fun, but they are the perfect place to get discounts. Every exhibitionist wants your attention, so it’s likely you’ll be given a reduction on a wedding dress, centrepieces, cakes and entertainment just by attending.

Keeping organised and up-to-date with your budget will help you feel less stressed and in control of your big day.

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