13/01/2020 The hottest colour schemes for 2020 weddings…

There’re so many elements to planning a wedding, and choosing the perfect colour scheme is a big one. It can influence your bouquet, décor, suit choice and even makeup.

Whether you’re getting hitched in spring, summer, autumn or winter, we’ve got the most popular colour combinations for 2020.

Rose pink and grey

These subtle colours pair perfectly together for a late winter/early spring wedding. Think grey suits, blush bridesmaids’ gowns and matching rose-pink buttonholes and bouquets. This is a great combination for those not wanting to experiment with bold colours.


Purple and pink

The hues of purple and pink blend together to create a gorgeous ‘any season’ colour scheme. If you’re feeling really daring, go for a mix of fuchsia and rich purples, but for a more understated combination, work with lilacs and dusty pinks.


Burgundy and dark grey

Burgundy is a popular autumn/winter colour scheme, but adding dark grey elements adds depth. If you’re looking to lighten up the combination, pair it with dusty rose pinks and green foliage.

Greenery and white

More people are opting for ‘earthy’ tones, which is why greenery has become so popular, and it can be pulled off in any season! The great thing about green is that it works with almost any other colour. Add splashes of pink, brown, purple, burnt orange, or keep it classic with white.


Other popular colour schemes to look out for are yellows and oranges, peach, green and rose pink,and ice blue, white and pink.

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