29/10/2020 The colours of autumn

The fresh breeze, colourful leaves and darker nights – autumn is a beauty to behold.

Whether you’re hosting a small, Covid-compliant wedding this autumn or you’re looking for inspiration for the year ahead, we’ve got the hottest colour schemes to help you fall in love with the season.

Caramel and apricot

If you’re looking for a subtle and understated scheme, caramel with a touch of apricot is perfect. Opt for apricot coloured florals to adorn your centre pieces and bouquets and leave the rest a neutral caramel or gold colour. This look particularly suits a rustic vibe or a barn-style wedding!

Burgundy and purple

This scheme screams deep, rich and luxurious. If you’re looking to pull out the stops and add some decadence to your day, this unique colour scheme is perfect for brides wanting something a little darker.


Mustard and green

Don’t pop your winter boots on just yet! To complement the bright winter sun, add a touch of mustard mixed with sage greens to your décor. Think sunflowers, foliage, burlap sacks with yellow lace. This is for the brides who want to keep summer on their side!

Halloween town

If you’re getting married over Halloween or simply love the holiday, pay homage by incorporating pumpkins in your centre pieces or create a spookily beautiful doorway with pumpkins and autumn foliage.

You can even go all out and have a pumpkin carving or decorating station for the kids. Is pumpkin soup for starters a bit too far? Never!


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